It makes us extremely proud to announce that Delineate Design has crossed another milestone in the history of our company. On the 28th of this month our company has completed 20 years in business.

What began as a small firm, now competes with the best in the country and stands tall amongst the business leaders of the time. Our company has countless achievements and accomplishments, with the last two years showing unprecedented development.

Without the support of our excellent team it would never have been possible. Their enthusiasm, support and dedication have significantly contributed to our success. Delineate shall ever remain indebted to the contributions of its employees.

We are also grateful to our clients, who trusted in us to collaborate and consult with them in reaching the demands of an ever evolving and challenging market. Their involvement, support and feedback have pushed us to go ahead and improve vigorously. Not only have they made us a part of their lives but also helped us reach out to the world. They spread the word faster and in a better way than any of our promotional means could.

We plan to keep our business growing and continue to provide nothing less than the best. We remain committed to exploring new heights this year and onwards.